NAJARIAN: An Armenian name with an english translation meaning "Carpenter"  and that is exactly what Alan is a carpenter of music creating new songs and music for the masses and beyond.  The name conjures a curious mix of cultures with a blend of modern and old world sounds and the music delivers adding elements of Pop, Rock, Afro-Latin, Reggae,  filled with World Music and beyond.  


The new debut solo single MILLION MILES is now out and on all music platforms and on

MILLION MILES : Is a very powerful Pop/Rock song that takes you on a journey filled with Dreamy guitars , Driving Beats and Percussion , Keyboards and Synths, Solid Bass, Strong vocals and melody with a contagious hook that delivers an unforgettable unique sound.

Alan is now working on a new record and has released his new solo single MILLION MILES ,  Originally from Boston Ma. Started his musical journey playing drums at a young age by the time he was 16 Alan was playing clubs in the underground Boston music scene . Opening for acts like the GOGO's , The Police, The Cars , Aerosmith and many others through the eighties. In 1991 Alan came out from behind the drums and wrote , produced and performed his own songs with " NAJARIAN " . It wasn't long before they became a headlining act all over the east coast. In 1996 after extensive gigs and tours Alan self produced and recorded the critically acclaimed self titled record " NAJARIAN" It received regular airplay and people responded following the band and got the attention of major record companies . 





" Alan,  I listened to "MILLION MILES" Great vibe , very well produced and preformed. Overall this is a hit waiting to happen "Stephen Wrench 

Founder / CEO                                                                                                                                                                                            Musik and Film - Voting member of Euro America Chart Nominating and Voting Member of the Grammys


I am happy to write this letter on behalf of Alan Najarian.I have known Alan Najarian for 10 years and in that time he has proven to be nothing short of a genuinely passionate and dedicated musician whose impact on our community has been detrimental to the continuation of the Arts , Music and Education. Alan's accomplishments and reputation in this regard is selfless and purely motivated from his passion for the betterment of the Arts , Music and Education community. 

Donald Perez, Manager / Palm Beach County Amphitheaters 


I am pleased to write on behalf of the musically talented Alan Najarian. Alan has performed at events that have been hosted by or affiliated with LULA Arts program . such as Lake Worth Street Painting Festival , Art Pop event, Urban lofts concert series. His musical accolades include: Recipient of the Outstanding Achievement Award as Composer & Producer from Billboard Magazine and best song Award from ASCAP . 

Emily Theodossakos / Program Manager , LULA