ALAN NAJARIAN : Singer/Songwriter/Multi - Instrumentalist/Producer 

Currently : Working on the 3rd single soon to be released  “DANCE WITH THE FIRE ”  A Pop/ Rock song about  Desire and Eroticism . 

Alan's 1st solo single “Million Miles” and 2nd  solo single is “ You and Me Tonight  “. is now available on all music platforms .

Originally from Boston Mass.  Started at the age of 16 as a drummer in the underground rock scene in Boston performing at , The Rat , The Middle East Nightclub, The Paradise , The Hatch Shell and many others around the east coast. Opening for Headliners like The Go Go’s , and other National acts through the 80’s   

1991-1998: Alan came out from behind the drums with a passion to write and perform his own songs and formed NAJARIAN , Performing in and around Boston gained a  dedicated following  the the band recorded their first record self titled CD " NAJARIAN " written and produced by Alan Najarian. 

1996 Debut record  was critically acclaimed and received regular local airplay. NAJARIAN  became a headlining act playing all the major venues in Boston while gaining a big following and got the attention of major record companies. The songs received notable airplay were “All the you love” , “Making it easy “, “Innocence in Blue” , Out of the Red was used in some international TV and Movie soundtracks . Notable Live Performances, The Middle East Night Club, Cambridge Ma, The Esplanade Half Shell for the International Music Festival , Boston Ma, A Television performance “Party in the Park “that aired for several months on Cablevision, House band at Aerosmith’s venue Mama Kin , Boston Ma.  Special HMV Records Performance- Harvard SQ, Cambridge Ma.   and many more. 

 1996 Alan was met Pete Ganbarg VP Arista Records and gave him the CD and after hearing it ca;;ed and said “ This is the best self produced records I have ever heard” Pete wanted to sign the “NAJARIAN: and had brought it to a meeting with the head of the label Clive Davis at Arista Records. Alan got a call from Pete saying that it was between “NAJARIAN” and another Artist he could not mention at the time.  Two weeks later Pete had called Alan and said Arista Records decided to go with the other Artist which was Santana and Rob Thomas from Match Box 20 and the Hit single Smooth which went on to receive a grammy 1998  I was honored to be considered and on the same playing field with such Icon Artists Congratulations Pete, Carlos and Rob .

1999 - Alan was contacted by K.I.L. international  and contracted to sing on a dance hit single  a new dance version of “ Every Breath You Take by The Police which was internationally acclaimed .   

2000 - Alan got back to his Armenian roots and  was invited to join an Armenian folk band called AREV and played guitar and performed with them for 2 years.  

2002 Moved to Florida raising a family Alan had continued to do studio work and produce records with other independent Artists in West Palm Beach and Miami while writing new material. In 2012 he reformed the band NAJARIAN and began performing live once again with all new songs and the response was exceptional continuing  building a new audience and following but Covid 19 hit live performances and the band had to stop preforming.